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Modding default settings for DD-WRT

Started by Thomas Leavitt, November 02, 2018, 10:09:33 PM

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Thomas Leavitt

I have a TEW 818-DRW that has a pre-existing image for DD-WRT. I'd like to make some minor modifications, to the default settings: i.e. disable HTTP, enable HTTPS, enable SSH and change the default IP address, and set a default login and password. Anyone have a clue where I can find documentation on how to do this? I'm looking at rootfs/etc/config/base.nvramsettings and I see a line for lan_ipaddr, and for sshd_enable (for example), but the meaning of the various parameters is unclear.

Jeremy Collake

I think you are 'there' already. You just need to find the nvram settings for your goals and modify base.nvramsettings. Those key-pairs should reasonably self-explanatory and/or documented on the web. To be sure, you can make dump the nvram variables from a running DD-WRT router, make desired changes in DD-WRT's web console, then see what have changed.
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