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Title: CPU Affinity of Explorer.exe in Windows 7?
Post by: serjio on May 04, 2020, 01:58:59 AM
First, thanks to Dev for recent updates, including the updates which recognized more than 32 cores. Great updates!

I've recently found that I see better overall performance on my dual E5-2697 v2 (24 Logical / 48 HT Cores) by attaching explorer.exe to cores 0-3 and 24-27 (the first 2 logical cores on each CPU).

When working in 3D applications; programs like After Effects. I've found by assigning those programs to all cores MINUS the the first 2 on each processor; and assigning/allowing basically only windows processes to the first 2 cores.

So when the system ramps up basically maxing out both CPUs, explorer.exe and other processes have 4 logical cores of freedom, and the system stays very stable, no delays navigating windows, etc. I even linked firefox to these cores.

My only question is when you do this, a warning pops up... is there really any danger in doing this? I realize for people running systems with only 4 or 8 HT cores it would make little difference, but with 48; is there any harm in assigning processes to specific cores to keep the system highly responsive?

Thanks again!
Title: Re: CPU Affinity of Explorer.exe in Windows 7?
Post by: Jeremy Collake on May 04, 2020, 12:03:36 PM
I'm glad you have put Process Lasso to good use!

The warning is shown out of an abundance of caution. There are no known problems with the scenario you describe.