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Title: debugging minidumps from PEcomact'ed apps
Post by: thomas on April 22, 2009, 06:50:43 AM
I am currently evaluating PEcompact. PEcompact seems to be the only packer to leave reference to .pdb file in PE headers. This is a good thing.

If my program crashes, it writes small minidump using MiniDumpWriteDump() from dbghelp.dll. It writes small minidump (MiniDumpNormal).

The problem is that Visual Studio 2005 looks for exact match for .exe to open minidumps. It cannot recognize uncompressed version as matching the minidump. The only way to use the dump is to use compressed .exe. Because the compression version is used, Disassembly view contains garbage. Call stacks are often also bogus. There are some other minor problems, too.

It is possible to alter this behavior? Maybe changing minidump to match the uncompressed .exe or forcing VS to use uncompressed version?