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Title: How to collect debug output using DebugView
Post by: Jeremy Collake on December 07, 2013, 02:55:52 PM
Debug Build Downloads

Make SURE you download the right edition. Unlike the release build installers, the debug build will NOT automatically download the right one!

To collect debug output  (p.s. full debug output will be available in v6.7.0.17 beta):

Minidumps are also enabled. These are particularly important if your bug report involves a crash of a Process Lasso component. If a minidump is generated, you will be directed to it. Simply ZIP and email to us at .

WARNING: If you don't set any maximum history depth in DebugView, it can eventually collect so much log output that it consumes a massive amount of virtual memory. It'll still work and function, and so will your PC, but the DebugView interface may start being a bit lagged. If you do set a history depth limit, then set a fairly large one, e.g. 50000 entries, to make sure we don't miss the output we need.[/li][/list]