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Title: Process Lasso v8.8 Released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on August 21, 2015, 02:36:41 PM
Process Lasso v8.8

This is a fairly large update - there are many additions, fixes, and changes. As always, incremental refinement continues, as does preparation for future plans. One thing Audiophile users will appreciate is the new command line script 'pl.cmd' (can just run 'pl') that allows them to easily display the Process Lasso GUI on Windows Servers in the 'core mode' of Audiophile Optimizer.

Other additions include pathnames to all applicable log entries, which now allows users to jump to the location on disk of the process a log entry pertains to, and in the future allowing much more.

Further, the Keep Running and manually induced Gaming Mode settings are now persisted in the event of an update or restart of Process Lasso, though being a new addition, that only applies to this version and above.

Overall, this a great new version of Process Lasso that has tested wonderfully in our QA labs.

Changes: 'pl.cmd' batch file as a shortcut to launch Process Lasso's GUI, primarily for Windows Server users installer section to optionally add Lasso install path to system environment PATH variable. By doing so, command line can simply run 'pl' to launch Lasso's GUI pathname parameter to log file, changing log format process governor pathname and command line in 'initialized' log entry new Locate submenu (for disk and internet) to log entries in actions pane support for new system tray icon and more (ParkControl Pro) [work in progress] to import and export of configuration file user-induced Gaming Mode state not preserved on Lasso restart Keep Running state/countdown not preserved on Lasso restart sorting of date/time of last restraint column build ordering issue that could have caused wrong insights exe build to be included safety backup on import of new configuration file maximum log lines to display at one time (to reduce RAM utilization and improve load speed) some in-product URLs timeout after update for system tray click to see revision history (now back to 10 seconds) new SmartTrim menu option to exclude game processes, part of new submenu for SmartTrim and Gaming Mode interaction settings (not yet enabled) any running ParkControl instances log files after 1000 entries product activation to distinct subdomain for server isolation Emisoft interoperability German, Russian, and French

Title: Process Lasso 8.8.2 Released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on August 28, 2015, 08:36:15 PM
Process Lasso v8.8.2


8.8.2ChangeUpdaterImprove appearance of unlicensed update dialog
8.8.2ChangeUpdaterHide 'Update eligibility check' options for next-gen codes (may be seen one more updates)
8.8.2ChangeLicensingSend all purchasers of EDD codes to new site links
8.8.2ChangeLicensingAdjustment of some in-product URLs
8.8.2ChangeLicensingTreat 'Free Trial' license codes appropriately (work continues)
8.8.2ChangeLicensingContinued next-gen licensing system work
8.8.2ChangeLicensingAllow for 'free trial' license keys
8.8.2ChangeLicensingAbout box will show 'Free trial' if one of the new free trial keys
8.8.2ChangeLicensingGeneral reduction in solicitation to update to Pro Edition
8.8.2ChangeLicensingReduced display of solicitation dialog, doesn't begin appearing at all until 4 days of use
8.8.2ChangeLicensingReduce Lasso startup 'nag' timer to max 3 seconds in beta, max 15 in final (only if installed 30+ days)
8.8.2ChangeLicensingIn workstation edition, change trial of all advanced features from 14 to 30 days. Server Edition remains 30 day fully function trial that then expires entirely.
8.8.2ChangeLicensingMinor code improvements
8.8.2ChangeInstallerSwitch all auto-correct installer downloadss to SSL
8.8.2ChangeInstallerFix descripton of new 'add to environment PATH' installer section
8.8.2ChangeInstallerAdd secondary custom 64-bit OS detection mechanism for oddly tweaked PCs that cause NSIS scripts to misdetect
8.8.2ChangeInstallerFix a couple typos in English EULA
8.8.2UpdateParkControlUpdate to ParkControl standard included with Process Lasso
8.8.2ChangeLocalizationUpdate German, French, Polish, and Finnish

Title: Process Lasso v8.8.4.x Released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on September 04, 2015, 12:35:52 AM
Process Lasso v8.8.4.1

Changes: for a rare process listview discrepency in Windows 10 where the listed process would have no icon and rules could not be set for it via the context menu. for a next-gen licensing issue not terminate ParkControl when installing or upgrading now that it may be part of a distinct package (ParkControl Pro) safety to prevent session persistence of a Keep Awake state set to 'Indefinite' some bitmaps to standardize and improve appearance adjustments French, Finnish, and Italian

Title: Process Lasso v8.8.6.0 Released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on September 10, 2015, 12:16:41 PM
Process Lasso v8.8.6.0

Process Lasso v8.8.6.0 is the usual, now routine, weekly maintenance release, but has some important adjustments and fixes. We are now branching the code base to begin work on the version 9 beta series, though continued minor updates to version 8 will occur in the interim. Please help us, help you, by purchasing a license for Process Lasso Pro!

Changes: CPU affinity options in ProBalance Options dialog were not disabled on dialog load when 'Change CPU affinity during restraint' is unchecked 'Add to environment path variable' optional for Workstation builds licensing system refinement menu item ordering changes cosmetics of ProBalance Options dialog one of two menu items to invoke ParkControl legacy tool (an expanded version of ParkControl is now distributed independently) Parkcontrol module to pkctrl.exe German, Italian, French

Title: Process Lasso v8.8.8 Released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on September 17, 2015, 07:54:59 PM
Process Lasso v8.8.8.0

Process Lasso v8.8.8 has been released. This version introduces a whole new set of application icons, thanks to team member Ed Kiefer. New main application icon, ProBalance acting icon, and Governor inactive icon, all at various resolutions. This version also has the usual minor product refinement, see the revision history for details.

Changes: NEW application icons at various resolutions, including distinct ones for "ProBalance action taking place" and "Governor not active" tray icons. Edition GUI will show proper Must Buy dialog when expires (Governor would quit in any event). Recent quirk in behavior due to new EDD Trial Codes. Back-ported to static text control width in About box of Server Edition trial to system tray icon type selection application icon to NEW product application icon installer icon and header bitmap to NEW Product Logo first-time minimize help text. German, Polish, French, Russian, Finnish, Chinese Simplified, and Italian

Title: Process Lasso v8.8.8.2 Released
Post by: Jeremy Collake on October 10, 2015, 08:59:50 PM
Process Lasso v8.8.8.2

Changes: disengage Keep Running menu item to 'Cancel' instead of 'Disable' minor changes German and PT-BR