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Title: JunctionMaster v0.12 alpha
Post by: Jeremy Collake on April 14, 2011, 01:00:32 PM
I had removed JunctionMaster (also known as MoveAndLink) because it had some glitches and needed additional safeties. I corrected the glitches and added more safeties. It still must be used with caution, and users must remember that afterwards files will appear to be in TWO locations, but they are really in ONE location. The original source folder simply LINKS to the target folder on whatever drive. That is the idea, so no path changes need to be made. However, deleting files from EITHER folder will delete them from BOTH! This is VERY IMPORTANT to remember.

If you do not keep regular and good backups, please do NOT use this alpha version of JunctionMaster/MoveAndLink.

Specific changes: