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Title: Reducing abuse of PECompact by malware authors
Post by: Jeremy Collake on October 02, 2008, 07:00:22 AM
There appears to have recently been an increase in the number of malware applications compressed with PECompact. I believe malware authors prefer PECompact because of its extensibility (plug-ins) and good anti-virus interoperability. In the case of some other compressors, the anti-malware companies flag every compressed executable, good or bad, as malware.

To help reduce anti-viral false alarms caused by this increase in malware use of PECompact, the following actions will be reluctantly taken:

I regret having to take these actions, so if there are any parties out there negatively affected, please email me ( and I can perhaps provide you with a freeware-only PECompact license or extended trial period.

These actions will take affect soon.