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Process Lasso v3.14 Released

Started by Jeremy Collake, October 04, 2008, 01:57:48 PM

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Jeremy Collake

This release represents a major improvement of the run-as-service functionality for the core background engine (ProcessGovernor). It also, amongst many other things, changes the default ProBalance settings so that services are not excluded.
    v3.14 changes:
    • Fix.InstallHelper/MakeService: Removed inadvertently included user name and password from the ProcessGovernor service command line.
    • Fix.InstallHelper: Fixed operation of service error message, where clicking 'Yes' to try an alternate config did not represent the startup config dialog.
    • Fix.InstallHelper: Fix handling of user passwords containing spaces.
    • Fix.InstallHelper: Fixed general problems with log-on service as user functionality.
    • Fix.InstallHelper: Added error message describing how to change the local security policy to allow a service to run as a specific user.
    • Fix.InstallHelper: Fixed inability to restart service, it was getting relaunched as a normal process when restart necessary due to config change.
    • Fix.GUI: Fixed color of Responsiveness next in graph legend. It appeared more blue than green in some cases.
    • Fix.MakeService: Fixed handling of quote encapsulated parameters.
    • Addition.MakeService: Added new /start function.
    • Change.MakeService: Returns more detailed error information in exit code.
    • Change.MakeService: Cosmetic and licensing revisions (now at v2.01).
    • Change.Defaults: No longer exclude services from ProBalance.
    • Change.InstallHelper: Now asks to change ProBalance settings if services are excluded, since this default has changed.
    • Change.InstallHelper: No longer inform user about Process Lasso restart events.
    • Change.InstallHelper: Now exits completely if user quits first dialog and responds Yes to prompt, instead of advancing to second dialog.
    • Change.InstallHelper: Now prompts with error if no service username or password given, and 'run as user' is checked.
    • Change.InstallHelper: Now auto-populates global configuration file path when 'use global over-rides' is checked by the user.
    • Change.Installer: Writes more product information to registry, for display in the Add/Remove Programs list.
    • Change.Core: A global config file or log path found in HKLM now takes precedence over any command line specified paths. This is mostly only relevant when running ProcessGovernor as a system service.
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