Future option to manage GPU Vram

Started by blaster, April 27, 2020, 03:27:32 PM

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This is a link to the AVSIM forum (a flight simulation forum) discussing the new issue of out of memory for Vram (GPU video).  This is starting to happen with the recent new versions of P3D and X-Plane using DX12 and Vulcan.  Not a problem when they were all DX11.  It is very unlikely that scenery developers will be managing their software Vram usage, thus it would be a very popular option having Process Lasso able to manage Vram.  The simulation flight industry would line up at the door to buy this new Process Lasso.  The out of memory Vram crashes the games.  Flight software such as P3D and X-Plane are some of the most difficult programs for computers to manage and to obtain enjoyable fps with decent graphic settings.  These flight programs not only have usability of core issues and ram, but now Vram.  Due to CPU core issues, the Process Lasso software is popular within the group to manage cores.  In addition, the P3D software is developed by Lockheed Martin who sell the program to the military for training.  This would be their biggest customer for the P3D software, and Lockheed Martin could possibly be an avenue to work with to address the Vram limitations.

Jeremy Collake

This is something I'll have to research. Thank you for the suggestion!
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