Thanks for your fine product Jeremy!

Started by jeksleinew, April 25, 2020, 10:20:05 AM

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I think I've have had the ProLasso installed on all my OS's since you were just coming out with it. You've got to be the hardest working software designer/builer/idealist in the business - you're always coming on with an update... I have my ProLasso set up for auto-install for beta's.

ProLasso is a great tool and compliment to my Core 2 Quad 2.66Ghz. I use your application to tune my system for the best performance. In itself, It uses hardly any resources.

Thank you for you integrity and hard work Jeremy,


Jeremy Collake

You are very welcome, and thank you for the encouraging words!

Development is definitely continuous. I've tried to keep final versions on a 3 week schedule, though have violated that a little this month. The last year has been a productive one; the product has advanced substantially, and there is a lot more work planned.

The beta channel is fast and furious, so I hope it doesn't overwhelm you ;). I do get complaints about that sometimes, but that is what the beta channel is for.
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