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Started by Pzsniper, June 02, 2020, 10:22:34 AM

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How can i disable the .hosts file check at startup? I had to setup come special adesses for my company VPN and don't wanna touch it.



I am pretty sure you can't bypass it on startup, but since the default hosts file is empty and you want to toggle back and forth from your modified hosts file (w/o doing the renaming way).
The best I can think is a hosts file manager, I bet there are ones around, I personally just don't know of any to recommend.
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Jeremy Collake

Make sure that no line (hostname) in your HOSTS file contains 'bitsum.com'. Then the message won't be displayed.

Some software pirates were abusing the system HOSTS mechanism to impersonate Bitsum servers. That interferes with product operations (including updates), browsing of the Bitsum web site, and introduces risk to customers.

Personally, I would prefer pirates use almost any other means to by-pass licensing. For now, Bitsum is obliged to detect this condition and show a message about it.
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I dunno this is my company office pc, now i asked to our sysadmin to make  a fresh new hosts file and everything it's working again.  Thanx