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Started by arcanum, March 05, 2024, 05:07:20 AM

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I just installed Trellix Endpoint Security.
In PL, i excluded all the Trellix processes, because some security solutions does not like PL because it "peeks" their processes and this causes intrusion alerts.

Trellix does use all the cpu power when manually doing quick scan. Which is a quite known problem of Trellix ENS.

Here's the question:
When quick scanning my PC with Trellix ENS. PL shows 130% usage and my CPU cooler is screaming like a hell, because of 130% CPU usage.

So, how it's even possible to get over 100% CPU usage, like 130%?

Jeremy Collake

Yes, the CPU Utility % measurement can exceed 100%.

CPU Utility % vs CPU Time %

There are multiple valid metrics to represent CPU use. The classical measurement is CPU Time %. This is the percent of available CPU time that the processor spent executing code. The newer measurement, CPU Utility %, is the percent of total computational capacity actually used at the current CPU frequency. It therefore takes into account processor frequency scaling and can exceed 100%.

CPU Utility % is used by Task Manager, and now by Process Lasso for the CPU graphs. An option allows the user to toggle which metric is displayed. Meanwhile, the process list still shows CPU Time %, matching Task Manager's 'Details' view, but not its 'Processes' view since that uses CPU Utility %. Process Lasso has always shown both metrics in its status bar, and that continues.

For more information on CPU Utility % exceeding 100%, see this page:

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Thanks JC,
Kinda interesting that Trellix is the only one kills the system when quick scanning. Mebbe a "bad coding" on their side.
But it's one of the best in protection wise, sure when properly configured, it's sure the best.
Well, while mdchield.exe fukin my cores, i can use firefox, slighty slow but thaks for PL, it was quite fluid to use.
Thanks JC for making this PL, its a lisaver, or even lifeSAFER. :D