Process Lasso v2.98 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, July 08, 2008, 11:08:35 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Process Lasso v2.98 does some necessary polishing on the previous release. The new (duplicated) 'forced mode' option in the system tray/main menu has been renamed so users don't get confused about what it does, and I also added a quick way to disable out-of-control process restraint without pausing the core engine. Lastly, I tweaked the compiler and linker optimizations a bit, in hopes for minimizing RAM use while at the same time maximizing code speed.

Changes from v2.96:

  • Addition.GUI: Added option to enable/disable out-of-control process restraint to the system tray 'main' menu and the Process Restraint submenu of the Options menu.
  • Change.GUI: Changed forced mode system tray menu option text so its more clear what it does.
  • Change.All: Changed compiler and linker optimization settings.

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