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Started by Coldblackice, March 06, 2021, 02:20:35 AM

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A heads-up on a minor point --

I think it might be good to reword the installer warning about installing a differing edition on top of an already present installation. Given that the installer filenames are the same for everything -- consumer vs. server vs. stable vs. beta -- and the beta links both being the same nondescript word in parentheses, I didn't realize I had accidentally downloaded the server edition until I saw this warning. My fault though for not paying better attention.

The installer asked something like "Do you want to continue? Yes/No/Cancel". I was pretty sure the "right" answer was "No", I didn't want to continue installing the server edition on top of the already installed consumer edition.

As often happens with installer/warning questions like these, they're not always totally clear on their wording tied to a specific course of action. Because of this, I considered just going the safe route and doing a "Cancel", but I felt that might also allow the server installation to finish installing, so I clicked "No." It continued installing the server edition.

So if I didn't misread it, it might be good to revise the wording so it's a more direct/clear question, along with taking away one of the buttons so it's only a distinct yes or no path -- do you want to continue installing server ed.? "Yes" continues the install, "No" cancels the install + reverses anything done thus far.

And I very well may have just misread the message -- I apologize if that was the case. I move too quickly sometimes.


Also, are there any nonstandard differences between the install procedures between the editions, or can I just install the non-server edition over the top of the now-installed server edition?

Usually I would take the safe route and just clean uninstall everything and then reinstall from fresh. I can do that if necessary, but I'm hoping they both just change a main binary or two.

Jeremy Collake

When you've selected the wrong edition, the installer will download and run the right edition, so you can't install the wrong edition .. no matter what you do.

It is informing that it is about to perform the download, thus answering YES continues that process. NO cancels the install.

I agree the CANCEL button was superfluous, so have removed it.

The eventual plan is to migrate to MSI, at which time further improvements will be considered.

Thanks for the feedback!
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