Possible to remove columns from Actions log?

Started by Coldblackice, May 28, 2021, 03:26:46 AM

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Is there a way to remove columns from the Action log pane?

I could use more space for the "Command line" column since I'm often monitoring that column more than the others, so I decided I could do without the "UTC" column since it's redundant with the "Time" column IMO, but I can't find a way to remove it other than squishing it into a singularity.

I tried right-clicking column headers since that sometimes reveals a floating context where individual columns can be checked/unchecked, or a context function that brings up a floating pane of "Available Columns" -> "Current Columns".

Not a big deal since like I mentioned I've collapsed "UTC" and "Computer Name" columns into themselves. But if there's a setting I'm overlooking, that would be preferable to this. Thanks!

Jeremy Collake

Sorry, there is no way to remove columns in the log pane, and I don't plan to add that capability. Squishing them is the best way ;).
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