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Started by noahphense, September 26, 2021, 04:53:47 PM

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Quick question really.  The updates are working perfectly.  My questions is wrapped around the fact that part of the application is always getting updated, and possibly not some essentials.  IE. the gui closes and reloads after the update.  How about the core, the background service, etc.. I've been running the same install for over a year now, and updating as needed.  Just thinking to myself about the other pieces.  It has NEVER asked me to 'reboot', etc.. Is it a good or bad idea to do a complete removal and reinstall?  If I did, I CERTAINLY would need to save out my config...!



It appears that I cannot edit my above post.  I forgot to mentioned that this is for Process Lasso Pro.

Jeremy Collake

Don't worry, all parts of Process Lasso close and restart during the update process, including the Governor and session agent. There is no need to reboot. If there were, the product will inform you of such, but that has not ever been necessary. Similarly, a reinstall is not necessary.

As an aside, updates are only frequent in the beta channel. You can go back to the release channel by installing the last final release, then unchecking "Updates / Include Betas".
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Thanks for the info Jeremy.  I've had zero issues with any of the betas thus far.  Keep up the awesome coding.