Zone Alarm sudden changes - high load

Started by Hotrod, November 13, 2011, 03:21:47 PM

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My zone Alarm just updated the core engine and many of the key operating file names have changed. The main one that concerns me is vsmon.exe (TrueVector Service) which is the same as always but it's cpu use has jumped to 30-40% (20% avg) on my  Win7 X64 T6600 Core Duo 2.2 GHz with 4G RAM. It stays this high even when the system is completely Idle. I found it doing the same on one of my XP boxes with fewer resources and it brings the system to a crawl. Many new filenames run now under ZA you may wish to visit this and make some changes. I have already found that restriction, priority change, and throttling have absolutely NO effect on vsmon. I may have to switch firewalls if this keeps up.

Jeremy Collake

Yes, sadly, there is no magic bullet for addressing excessive CPU consumption. In a best case scenario, Process Lasso's ProBalance could only keep it from interfering with other activity (though as a firewall, of course all network I/O would need to pass through it before it could continue). This simply must be addressed by ZoneAlarm. There is likely some key problem causing this high CPU utilization, something their programmers will need to find and fix.
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