Need help optimizing settings for CPU intensive game for performance

Started by allanaguon, November 10, 2023, 06:18:42 PM

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Hello! Been using this product for years and love it! Games have been getting more cpu intensive and wanting to squeeze as much performance before actually upgrading to a new CPU. So I need help for optimizing my game (mainly mmos) to have the most performance oriented settings. The game practically only uses 3-4 cores and one of the cores is constantly being 100% utilization. Is there special settings to offload or create rules, or to tune lasso to maximize gains? The settings I do: induce performance mode, bitsum highest performance plan, prority to high, change affinity not to use core 0, and I use force mode because game constantly changes priority to normal. Let me know if I should do anything specific or import settings, or should I optimize other services. Any feedback or advice is welcomed!

Jeremy Collake

I'm not sure I have any suggestions beyond what you've already done. From your description, the game is not very multi-threaded, and has a single CPU bound thread that is probably the bottleneck. Perhaps you could determine the fastest CPU cores on your system, and ensure the CPU affinity is set to them, if you haven't already. However, that is only make a marginal difference at best. Probably there are no background services interfering with performance of this game, as you have plenty of compute and other resources the game is not able to utilize.

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