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Process Lasso looking for more information about Actions Log

Started by empleat, January 12, 2022, 09:52:43 AM

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I have this line in actions log appearing often, note: this is taken from actual processlasso.log file:
"132864722653176464","01-12-2022 15:44:25","DWM-1","1304","dwm.exe","53","(0x35)","5","c:\windows\system32\dwm.exe","<Not included by option>"

In PL this is appearing almost every second with some pauses like 1 min...

Note: I changed priority of process DWM to "Idle", CPU affinity to "1", I/O priority to "very low", Memory Priority to "0 - lowest". This a tweak to reduce mouse latency, it is great!

But I have problem with video playback, with dropped frames, I don't think this is related: I used this tweak over a year now and never had any problems AFAIK...

I Am just interested what does it mean, I didn't find any information in PL manual. And google didn't find anything for Action (0x35), or More Info 5.

Thank you!

Jeremy Collake

It is an error setting the memory priority. It doesn't have a string defined, which is why there isn't descriptive text in the log view.

Setting a memory priority of '0 - Lowest' is not supported by the OS.

I've now logged an issue to clean this up and transition existing '0 - Lowest' memory priority rules to '1 - Very Low'.

EDIT: Change made as of v10.4.3.1 beta.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


BTW why are log files creates processlasso.log.txt and processlasso.log0...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ??? I have disabled loging in Process Lasso, yet these files are recent!

Jeremy Collake

The .txt file is probably something you inadvertently created. The others are archived logs.

In any event, disabling logging won't cause old logs to be deleted, it will just prevent further log event emission.

It is also not a guarantee that the log files will never be touched, though they generally aren't.

I suggest you delete all those log files to start fresh. You can do that manually, or via the 'Clear Log' context menu action in the Log view.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.