IdleSaver not working? Blame Microsoft!

Started by Autumner, July 16, 2022, 10:30:18 AM

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Hello everyone,

Rant to follow. So, IdleSaver stopped working with no apparent reason. First tried changing lots of settings in Process Lasso, even resetting them to default - to no avail.

After some research, I unearthed an ancient Windows issue, which for some reason will disable Power saving/screensavers etc. if you simply have a USB Joystick/Gamepad connected.

I then remembered recently removing a couple of joysticks from the USB Hub and connecting them directly to the PC. Long story short: disabling the joysticks automagically restored IdleSaver operation (using USBDeview as described here).

Why aren't they fixing this after all this time? Unless there's a reason for USB Joysticks to always keep the system alert?  :o