Discord Keeping System Awake/screen won't turn off

Started by Globespy, August 15, 2021, 06:45:54 PM

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Myself and several friends have had this issue for a while, and wondered if PL could do anything to help?

I have PL setup to use balanced plan, with it switching to Bitsum High Performance on a specific application basis (all games).
When the game closes, PL switches back to 'balanced' - this is nice I like this.

Discord even when minimized to the system tray will never put me in 'away' mode, and will stop windows from turning off my screen after a period of non-use of the PC.
If I force close Discord then everything works beautifully, and I've even tried closing every other program and removing every peripheral, USB drive, USB device (including keyboard and mouse) other than the Display Port cable to view the monitor, and the power supply.
Absolutely nothing else connected to the PC, and Bitsum is sitting in 'balanced' power profile
Discord refuses to budge, exhibiting the same behaviour as before.

Any ideas of things I can try in PL to get Discord to 'chill out'?

Jeremy Collake

Make sure you don't have any Prevent Sleep rule on Discord.exe in Process Lasso, but you'd probably know if you did. Absent that, I'm sorry to say Process Lasso can't force an app to relinquish control it has asserted over the PC sleep. Presumably this is some setting or plugin of Discord that is causing it, but I don't know what.
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Occasionally when I use Discord I encounter a few errors. It could simply be a small incident. Please try again later.