Odd CPU % readings

Started by bertie97, October 29, 2022, 01:47:17 PM

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Pl beta x64 W10
As you can see from the screen shot, the activity level bars for the cores are low (the highest CPU thread/proc use shown in the CPU Use % column being <3% on <10 top usage procs).
....But the task bar icon is <100% as is the flag obscuring the CPU core bars.

The task bar icon does alter it's fill level to >0% but I cannot see why it is going over 100% at times...
Bug or am I just lucky?

Anyway thanks JC for the great job you do on PL & PC, couldn't live without them ;)

Jeremy Collake

The difference is in CPU Utility % vs CPU Time %. These are different metrics for CPU use. CPU Utility % takes into account frequency scaling, so will tend to be larger than CPU Time %, and can exceed 100%.

This beta series prefers CPU Utility % (configurable), but in that build the CPU Time % was still used by the CPU core graphs.

In the most recent build, v12.0.0.13 BETA, the CPU core graphs also show CPU Utility %. So, they should match up now.

It is still undecided if we'll cap all CPU Utility displays to 100%, to avoid user confusion. Task Manager does that. It is already capped on the historical graph and tray.

If you try the new build, let me know how it goes!
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks for the explanation JC ;)
I have just updated to v12.0.0.13 BETA & the synchronicity of the 2 outputs is much less disturbing  ;D
Feels more 'natural' in relation to what I see/is occurring.

I had had a situation with a driver installer trying to cook my SSD the other day & the only way to stop it was a reboot, so when I saw the suddenly longer-term fills on the taskbar display I thought there might be an issue but couldn't see anything to justify that.

Don't know about the % cap per se, it could be logical & useful to have >100% readings in some circumstances e.g. if the CPU were overclocked & the % max was tied to CPUID. 
Maybe % readings from Utility or Time could be a user option, assuming there are enough people who want that as a feature, (& who wouldn't bombard you with support tickets because they didn't know what they were messing with).  ;)
Anyway thanks again, I'll get back to playing around with this build.  :)

Jeremy Collake

Glad it's better now!

Quote from: bertie97 on October 31, 2022, 10:47:55 AMMaybe % readings from Utility or Time could be a user option

See new menu item 'View / Show CPU Utility % instead of Time %'. My expectation is that almost everyone will prefer CPU Utility %, so it is the default.

Thanks for the feedback! Please don't hesitate to report any other observations.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks JC.
Looks like I should have studied the new PL build more thoroughly!

Will try the different modes  :)