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Question - Define An All Process Policy

Started by nah1982, March 16, 2023, 09:07:01 PM

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I basically want to define a policy that if something isn't a "Microsoft" service/application, or on an exclude list, all processes are pushed to a set of cores.

Can that be done?

It's a pain to manage new / rebuilt installs and new applications / services I wanted restricted to a specific section.

This is for 2x reasons:

1. I prefer to keep everything I can off cores 0&1 to allow Windows room to work; it does wonders for hanging.

2. With CPUs like Ryzen 7950X3D, I'm using ParkControl as I want everything active, but I want to auto force certain things to the non-cache cores unless otherwise directed.

Any feedback or thoughts on how to achieve are appreciated.


Jeremy Collake

You can do it using advanced process match Regular Expressions.

You'd create a set of *ordered* rules in the CPU Affinity rules dialog, menu location 'Options / CPU / CPU Affinities...'.

Conceptual example on a CPU with 16 logical cores (threads):

Affinity A = 0-15
Affinity B = 2-15

/^([^,]*,){3}.*\\windows.*/Affinity AProcesses running from Windows basedir
/^([^,]*,)(system),/Affinity ASystem user processes
/^([^,]*,){2}(chrome\.exe)|(firefox\.exe).*,/Affinity AAn exclusion list, in this case chrome.exe or firefox.exe
*Affinity BMatch everything else

For some system and protected processes, you may see logged errors where permissions are insufficient to set the affinity. You can ignore those errors, or add those processes to your exclusion list.

If you try it, let me know how it goes!
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