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Process Lasso cause my PC to freeze.

Started by iisaiiah, May 23, 2023, 08:58:47 AM

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PC Specs: 7950x3D, ASRock X670E Taichi Carrara, 32GB 6000Mhz CL32 DDR5 RAM, ASRock Taichi 7900XTX, Windows 11 Pro.

I used PL with no issues for a few days before a format. I formatted because I got a new 4TB SSD and moved Windows to my 2TB SSD from my 512GB SSD.

After the format, I can no longer get PL to work properly.

I assigned all my programs and processes to the second CCD so I could leave my first CCD to run my games. As I stated before, this worked fine before formatting Windows, but now within 5-10 minutes of running PL without even running any games my PC freezes up.

It isn't a sudden freeze though, it becomes very slow and unable to do certain things. For instance, I can switch between programs in my taskbar fine, but I won't be able to actually use any of the programs. Or when I click on something within the programs it will take a very long time to respond. Eventually the PC will stop responding to anything. But I haven't had any BSOD.

Even restarting my PC becomes impossible and I have to use the reset button on my motherboard.

If anyone has any idea what the cause might be, any help would be appreciated. I even bought a year license right before having this issue because I thought the program deserved my support, but now I can't even use it :/


I wanted to add that I know PL is the issue because as long as I don't run it my PC functions perfectly fine.

At first I didn't know what my issue was and thought something went wrong with my format and installation of Windows. But I eventually figured out the issue was PL.

I have since ran my PC for several weeks without PL installed and have not had the issue once. Sunday night I installed PL again and it ran fine that night and into the next day (though for most of that time I was afk) and then the issue started again. Actually, when I went to use my PC Monday evening my monitor wouldn't wake up so I had to reset my PC using the motherboard button. 

I restarted, and my PC locked up again within 10 minutes of running PL. I restarted again, My PC locked up again within 5-10 minutes. I restarted again, uninstalled PL, and my PC has been fine since.

Jeremy Collake

Reset any rules you've created, which sounds like some CPU Affinity rules. Use 'Options / Reset Configuration'. Not all rules are a good idea, and excessively broad CPU Affinity rules could cause problems. After resetting the rules, reboot your PC. From there, Process Lasso isn't doing much, so take some time to establish a baseline of expected performance. If it's still not performing right, uninstall Process Lasso for an extended period to better assess whether there is a correlation between Process Lasso and the problem you're having.

Once you've got your system running stable, you can slowly add back more targeted rules. The more precise the rules (e.g. a few processes instead of all) the less likely you are to have problems.

Let us know how it goes!
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