firefox.exe - ERROR setting process CPU affinity

Started by TrekkieJonny, June 16, 2023, 06:26:27 PM

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Greetings :)

I am having difficulty setting CPU affinity for Firefox and TOR. Both show up as "firefox.exe"

"133314271090434839","06-16-2023 15:11:49","DESKTOP-C1HFFG1","Jonny","13440","firefox.exe","98","(0x62) ERROR setting process CPU affinity ","1-31","","<Not included by option>"



Sorry for bumping old thread but I wanna know the answer.

Jeremy Collake

The cause almost always insufficient permissions. If you encounter this error on a game, then it is protected by an anti-cheat system. There is no way to circumvent these anti-cheat systems.

However, OP indicates a problem setting an affinity on Firefox.exe. That's unusual. I'm not sure if it is to TOR. There may have some sort of process isolation at work, but I need to look into it before speculating.

In any event, you can confirm the issue is outside of Process Lasso's control by trying to the same adjustment with Task Manager. You should receive an access denied error.
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