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PECompact v2.96 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, October 06, 2008, 10:25:58 AM

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Jeremy Collake

v2.96 changes:

  • Fix.Core: Fixed compression of executables with MUI resources (i.e. Vista's notepad.exe). In previous builds, affected executables would fail to start after compression.
  • Change.EAD-Loader: Updated, some more protection code added.
  • Change.EAD-Loader: Changed name so it appears more descriptive and correct.
  • Installer.Change: Trial version no longer includes cipher codec plug-ins.
  • Installer.Removal: Removed PEHideText from trial version.
  • Installer.Removal: No longer publicly distributing student version due to abuse by malware authors. Freeware authors and acedemics can obtain a freeware license for PECompact by emailing

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Download registered build (
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