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Started by tamirmaple, August 14, 2023, 03:42:21 PM

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Hey there folks
im not sure if its the right place to ask but i need u guys help willing to pay
i own a cpu intel i5 13500 and gpu 4070 good specs
there is a game name maplestory i play its an old game that basically works on cpu and ram and stuff
apperently new gen of intel 12 and 13 and some dont really work well with them game
i think old intel works better and amds works well

can you guys give me maybe few tips how to maybe like disable some cores or some more tips maybe try make the cpu for game like the old intels or make it like it works like amd x3d
if possible willing to pay

Jeremy Collake

It's difficult to guess what may help, but you can try these suggestions:

  • Set the priority class to High. Right-click on the game and check 'CPU Priority / Always / High'
  • Set a CPU Affinity for your P-Cores only. Right-click on the game and open 'CPU Affinity / Always / Select', then choose all the CPU cores that don't have 'E' beside them. Note that this step is redundant after setting the priority class to High, since that suggests to the thread director not to schedule the process to E cores. However, to be sure, we'll set this affinity rule too.
  • If you're not already in a well-tuned high performance power plan, use Performance Mode by right-clicking on the game and selecting 'Induce Performance Mode'.
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