Process Lasso not allowing Cinebench r23 to enter into full power mode

Started by nomadjameson, September 29, 2023, 12:43:03 PM

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The problem stands as follows - if i download a fresh archive of Cinebench r23 and before laucnhing it, would kill all process lasso background tasks, then Cinebench runs in full power mode allowing my i7-11800H to pull all 145 watts and loading all 8 cores and 16 threads by 100% (thus giving me a higher score)

in case if i will launch Cbench r23 with Process Lasso enabled (or with Process Lasso session agent running in the backround) then it applies some of it's "balance" magic and tries to spread the load on different cores and limiting the power draw to 100 watts (thus giving me a lower score)

and after that, settings are being permanently applied to Cbench.exe and even after killing ProLasso background tasks Cbench still acts as if ProLasso is running.

The only way to fix this issue is to once again download Cinebench, kill ProLasso and laucnh the benchmark.

I've tried every single setting in ProLasso like "induce performance mode" "exclude from ProBalance" "uncheck ProBalance" set high priority, set affinity to all cores uncheking the "none" parameter, setting the cpu sets, disable smart trim, idlesaver and foreground boost etc etc, nothing helps.

Please let me know what could be done in such situation.

Jeremy Collake

Hmm, that doesn't sound right. Every action Process Lasso takes is logged, so you will see if it even touches the Cinebench process by examining the log. After excluding it from ProBalance, it shouldn't be, unless you've set any other rules or algorithms on that process.

Further, ProBalance only ever marginally lowers the priority class, unless you've changed the configuration. It doesn't try to spread the load across cores, or anything like that. Even in the unlikely event it acted on Cinebench, which again would be logged, the performance effects would be insignificant, absent a contending CPU load from a simultaneously active process.

You can optionally post your INI config file here so we can check your rules. You can get to it via menu item 'File / Manually Edit Configuration'.

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