Minor feedback re: themes/colors (custom)

Started by Coldblackice, September 23, 2023, 05:30:47 AM

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  • I noticed the graph's "CPU" green looked a little faded from a recent update, so for kicks I tested out custom colors by setting to set CPU back toward more of a "Matrix green". While setting custom colors however, the entire theme gets switched to "Light" theme. Further, some graph elements still don't change color, such as "Graph: CPU", and even when starting out on "Light" theme. Just an FYI, no biggie.
  • While playing with custom colors, I discovered a feature I wasn't aware has been added -- "Selected processes CPU" -- AWESOME! I love it. Super useful, especially with the multi-process-select additive graph ability.
  • "Reset colors" function also switches the theme to "Light". Perhaps intended, I was just anticipating a "stay-on-theme" reset.
  • Perhaps a "Reset Theme" function could be added high up the tree/ranking of the "View" menu which resets colors and the default graph components.
  • The current UX/UI of custom-colors is a bit difficult, particularly with the disconnect of "Wait, what's the name of this graph element I'm trying to change?" or "What's the graph element this element-name is linked to?"

    One idea: rather than listing elements in menu-list form, a popup could appear of a static (miniature?) view of the graph, and clicking the elements of this static-graph allows one to direct-change that element's color. Or, clicking a static-graph element moves a selector onto that graph element's name, making it easier to customize.

    Or even simpler: having the real-graph's colors change immediately each time a color is chosen in the color-selector without having to "OK" out of the popup. This would give immediate feedback as to what changes what, while also giving a convenient quick review in order to further tweak colors if desired (like if a selection doesn't fit well).
  • Suggestion: the graph legend is currently missing some elements, namely "Probalanced-process" vertical bars and "Selected-processes-CPU". I propose including the other graph elements into the legend as well, which would also assist the theme/color-setting process.

...All that said, none of this a big deal. Not notpicking, merely sharing feedback. Perfectly content with the dark-theme. Function over form, always, and PL nails it!

Jeremy Collake

We've been working on the green. It's now been restored to the original color on the graphs with dark backgrounds. What color value did you settle on?

The custom color theme support could use improvement, but I'm not sure when/if it'll be done. It's something we could spend considerable time on, at the cost of other work. However, your suggestions are good, and if we do engage in that work, we'll see what we can do!

The graph legend could be further extended to show all elements. I'll log a ticket to consider that.
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The reverted green is perfect IMO (the more vibrant Matrix/lime); it's the green I was attempting to get back to.

Another color suggestion I'd suggest experimenting with is the text color on the dark theme: the white text is a bit too "high-contrast-y". A better look IMO would be how Adobe does it with their products' GUIs, such as Photoshop (comparison pic attached). You can see their font color is a slightly muted off-white color, which blends better with the dark theme.

Obviously no big deal either way, it doesn't impact PL usage of course. I'd experiment with this myself however each time I try to change colors, PL changes the entire theme to "Light".