Ryzen balanced

Started by mategrave, January 08, 2024, 02:52:24 AM

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Just wondering if it's better to leave things balanced or use bitsum high performance. I was curious how accurate AMD's statement that their processors are meant to function at balanced profile is, and if pushing high is truly damaging things. At least for Windows 11. They advise leaving it as Windows balanced because it is 5800x and there is no Ryzen balanced.

Jeremy Collake

Using a more aggressive power plan like BHP is definitely not damaging anything, the loss is in energy efficiency.

No matter how well-tuned a processor is for the Balanced power plan, there is some performance cost to the ramp-up/down of processor states. For that reason, we recommend BHP while gaming.

That said, it's not impossible that some user workloads do better in the Balanced power plan, but we aren't aware of any specific cases. You can switch which power plan Performance Mode uses in 'Options / Power / Performance Mode / Select Power Profile...'.

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