Sleep prevention in Win11?

Started by bertie97, October 25, 2023, 09:42:56 AM

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I've just done a clean install of W11 2H22 & am enjoying finding new problems that prevent me doing anything effectively (toolbars, context menu - Why do you really need them?)

I have discovered that PL can no longer prevent sleep (Hibernation is definitely off) as when I am running disallow sleep listed procs W11 will still default to sleep after xx mins regardless.
I actually want W11 to sleep sometimes just not when the PC is doing sth.  ::)

Any ideas JC?

Jeremy Collake

We aren't aware of any problem in that regard. Please check that you selected 'Prevent PC and Display' when you recreated your rules, else the display going to sleep may be misleading.

Let me know!
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Thanks for the fast response JC :)
Definitely the box & the screen - I need to use the power button to wake the PC - which is in a sleep not hibernate state (fast boot is also off). 
The exe's show a 'd' in the rules column as I would expect.  These are not things which need the screen on all the time, but I will try adding that & also the force awake for 1 hr to see how W11 reacts.

Jeremy Collake

I think once you change it to a capital 'D' by selecting 'Prevent PC and Display', it will resolve.

I understand your PC was sleeping as well (undesirably), but if there is an issue, it is related to that.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks JC.
Adding no sleep for monitor (D) does seem to have stopped the sleep mode.
Do you think you will be able to make the box only option work again? 
Or am I the lucky 1% MS has targeted with new bugs in 22621.2428.59.1?  [Part of their emerging Win11 Work harder not smarter people! campaign.]

& in case in isn't obvious, I'm continually grateful for your continuing work on PL, indispensable as it is!  ;)

Jeremy Collake

Quote from: bertie97 on October 27, 2023, 09:04:19 AMDo you think you will be able to make the box only option work again? 

I'll reply again after we've looked into the issue.

Thanks for your feedback, we're glad to have you as a user!
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.