CPU Affinity based on "g" Rule

Started by yipikayo, December 31, 2023, 09:57:16 PM

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first of all, thanks for the awesome tool. I think you've filled a significant gap in the era of asymmetric CPUs.

I'd like to automatically set CPU affinity based on the rules "g" which is already in place, if that's possible. So that with my 7950x3d, games that require the performance mode automatically run on cores 0-15 (CCD0).

g = Process induces Performance Mode

thanks guys :)

Jeremy Collake

That specific capability isn't yet available, though it is on the radar.

For now, I recommend opening 'Options / CPU / CPU Affinities...' and creating path match rule(s) that target all your games.

For instance, maybe one rule would be:

That would match all processes that have 'steam' in their path.
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Thanks for the reply, that sounds greate. im gonne do it like that.

Happy New Year :)