ProBalance Whitelist AND Blacklist? (what happens to default exclusions)

Started by Joe0Bloggs, December 25, 2023, 10:16:40 PM

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I know that there is an Exclusions list of apps to ProBalance I can use.  However, there are also apps that are configured to be excluded by default, that are not listed there.  Restoring defaults or opening a new profile also does not undo any changes you had made to those, so I had resorted to uninstalling and reinstalling the whole app to get the default list back.

Can we either have the default exclusions be reflected in the exclusions list and possible to restore, or have a whitelist AND blacklist we can use?  In the latter case for example we could also possibly configure the app to NOT probalance by default (* for exclusions) then probalance selected apps we add to the inclusions list (which does not exist at the moment)

Jeremy Collake

v12.4.5.7 beta fixes the failure to clear the user overrides to the hard-coded ProBalance exclusions.

I've created a ticket to consider a change to simply populate the ProBalance exclusion list with the hard-coded exclusions, for easier and more transparent management of them. We'll also be considering a whitelist in addition to the blacklist. I'll reply again here upon any news.

Thanks for the feedback!

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