P+E core management under Windows 11 23H2

Started by geloxo, January 02, 2024, 06:18:42 AM

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I noticed that when using ParkControl together with Lasso under current Windows 11 23H2, some core preferences degrade performance resulting in many freezes in games. In particular Flight Simulator is unplayable. The problem appears to be on the allocation of P cores to processes in Windows, which results in P cores not being used properly or at least all the time as expected. The solution I found to resolve the issue is not using ParkControl defaults, but forcing P-cores always on long threads. Short threads can be forced to E cores or use the prefer E cores option. This results in a steady and normal CPU utilization and brings back normal performance figures to games.

My settings for a i9-12900ks using Lasso´s "Bitsum Highest Performance" profile are as follows:

- Long threads: "always P cores"
- Short threads: "always E cores" or "prefer E cores"

Anything else than that, in particular leaving "prefer P cores" or "automatic" for long threads results in a severe performance degradation and frequent/periodic freezes, with CPU usage drops close to 0% during normal CPU load in games, which shouldn´t happen. I would say the problem is Windows as this new update has been reported as problematic in many forums, but maybe you could take a look to this just in case or even modify proposed defaults if required to prevent this issue.

I hope this helps.


Jeremy Collake

Hmm, interesting. Windows heterogenous scheduling is still quite a mess. We'll take this under consideration and do some additional testing. Thanks for the heads up!

As an aside, I suggest an Efficiency Mode OFF rule for MSFS.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thanks a lot.

I will try to add an additional rule to skip E-Cores in this game.



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