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Started by gracemilton, January 18, 2024, 02:40:44 AM

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I hope this is the appropriate place to inquire about my situation.

On my gaming/media server rig, I utilize Process Lasso. Essentially, I have restricted Plex and Handbrake to utilize only 8 out of the 16 cores on my Ryzen 1700 processor. This arrangement ensures that my gaming experience isn't significantly impacted when either of these programs is active. Now, my question is whether it's possible to allow both programs to utilize all cores when I'm not gaming, but automatically reduce the CPU affinities when a game is launched and performance mode is activated. Even in performance mode, gaming performance suffers momentarily when the Plex transcoder spikes if all cores are active.

However, when I'm not gaming, there's no need for such limitations. I understand that ProBalance can be configured to restrict CPU affinity once a specific threshold is reached by a particular program. What I'm specifically interested in is whether it's possible to employ this approach for a program when ANOTHER program reaches that threshold. For instance, "restrict CPU affinity of this specific program if another program triggers performance mode."

Thank you in advance.


I'm still waiting for any answers. Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Collake

The Config Profile Switcher will enable you to accomplish that. See menu path 'File / Config Profile / Config Profile Switcher'.

You'd create one configuration (set of rules) for when your game is running, and another for when it isn't. Then you'd setup the switcher to trigger when your game(s) start. Note that you may need to set rules to undo actions made by the opposing config profile, since changes aren't automatically reverted when a config profile is switched to.

Admittedly, this solution could be easier to use, and we have planned enhancements related to this functionality that may come in the future.
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