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Started by Ramesh, January 16, 2024, 08:12:05 AM

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How does one disable Process Lasso completely? Do I need to turn off the Governor services to disabled?

It's so I can run some benchmarks before turning it back on

Thank you 👍

Jeremy Collake

Simply disabling the Govenor service isn't sufficient because the GUI will set it back to enabled when it starts.

Instead, open 'Options / General / Configure Startup' and select:

1. For the GUI, 'Do not start at login'
2. For the Governor (core engine), 'Have it launched by the GUI when run'.

Then restart the system to clear any changes made to already running processes, then do your benchmarking.
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There are 2 methods including uninstall Process Lasso and disable Process Lasso Services and Startup.