When the program is overwhelmed, Process Lasso will shut it off

Started by wilkinsonwilfrid, January 16, 2024, 08:58:42 PM

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I have a brief inquiry:Process lasso has been a lifesaver for me while running the hardware-intensive game X Plane 11. But when the hardware loading gets close to maximum, Process LaScho automatically shuts down or crashes the game after a few seconds of freezing. Probably for the OS's seamless operation. I was hoping there was a method to prevent process lasso from crashing the game by excluding some apps from this "optimisation" while still getting the performance improvement. Finally, after months of trying, I have pinpointed the source of the problem.
Many thanks


I have never encountered such a case. This error probably rarely occurs. Looking forward to the solution.


Experiencing issues with Process Lasso impacting X Plane 11? Create a custom profile in Process Lasso, excluding X Plane 11 from optimization while still benefiting other processes. Check the documentation or support forum for specific steps based on your version.


I've been using Process Lasso for a while now, but haven't encountered this issue with X Plane 11.