Cpu useage

Started by Funkybadger, September 08, 2023, 11:32:19 AM

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Hi can anyone explain how the cpu useage works as on windows task manger it says for example starfield is using 60% cpu but on process lasso it just says 05
Can anyone explain what 05 means as it's completely different from task manger thanks

Jeremy Collake

Which tab of Task Manager are you looking at? In some cases, it will be showing CPU Utility %, where-as Process Lasso is showing CPU Time % in its list. If you switch to the 'Details' tab of Task Manager, it should show the same.

For the difference, see this: https://bitsum.com/product-update/process-lasso-v12-0-power-modes-cpu-utility-and-3995wx/#cpu-utility
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"05" in Process Lasso likely translates to 0.05, which is 5% of a single CPU core.