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Started by Insanityflea, December 06, 2011, 12:35:53 AM

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Is it possible for process lasso to set some processes at affinity 55? (every other thread)
This would be a huge bonus to AMD FX owners on windows 7 as it will provide 10-20% performance increase due to the windows 7 scheduler not understanding bulldozer architecture.

I.E I use this shortcut:  start / AFFINITY 55 “application”

The reason for the boost is that this forces windows to use one thread per module, which in turn also activates turbo mode.

Would love to know how I could set some of my programs so that process lasso can change the affinity for them to "55"
This would eliminate the need for "affinity shortcuts" and i could just use the pc as per normal



I think you can just use the "Default CPU affinity" function in PL to accomplish the same thing by disabling every second core on the specific process you want to change this for.
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Jeremy Collake

This is actually what 'HyperThreaded core avoidance' does. Of course, that is only enabled on HT systems (Intel CPUs).

DeadHead is right, you should use the default CPU affinity and set the affinity you desire on the processes you desire.

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