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Started by abgg675, January 05, 2012, 03:59:18 AM

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I have been using Process Lasso Pro for a few months now. I have NO in-depth knowledge about its workings, but I have 2 questions which I would like some advice on.....

1. I am just a normal PC User on Windows 7 64bit PC. Am I best just leaving Process Lasso on its "default" (out of the box) settings?

2. I have the Microsoft Service- "Superfetch" set to Automatic. Should I leave it as is or disable it? Does it clash/hinder Process Lasso in any way?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Please read FAQ, there a lot info there and main PL page on how PL works .
For most user IMO I would leave it all default , I myself don't mess with setting affinities or priorities manually . So I think best to run out of box unless you see a issue .
On the service , again IMO leave it to its defaults , this opinion is not only for superfech but other services . Unless you are real advanced user and know ahead what your uses and what you will install its best to leave alone . Now with superfech its optimized for desktop use so just leave it on auto (maybe if you had server you might alter it ) .
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Ed is exactly right in his recommendations.
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