Windows Task Manager showing up on startup..

Started by vorticon, January 13, 2012, 01:16:23 PM

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I recently downloaded and used your free version of Process Lasso because my computer was getting out of control.

But yesterday I discovered that my Norton Antivirus program had backed up my entire computer last week (I must have unknowingly changed the settings) and the backup took
up 303 GB of space on my computer, leaving me with only 24 GB.

My indexing was on also, so I suppose my computer was constantly indexing my entire hard drive including the backup and that's why I had such a hard time taking control of my computer and using it when ''I'' wanted to, which is why I searched for and found your Process Lasso.

Yesterday after it took approx. 9 hours to delete that backup and get my hard drive space back, which is then that I uninstalled Process Lasso to see if my computer could act normally with the hard drive space back.

So far, so good. I may run Process Lasso back on because it did such a great job.

But my question is:
A few days ago, upon startup, Process Lasso started asking me if I wanted to purchase the Licensed version. At the same time, the screen for my Windows Task Manager started showing up also at startup. Coincidence? I don't know. Do you know if something with the Process Lasso program caused that screen to show up at startup and how I can now make some adjustment to make it 'not' show up at startup?

I've searched my startup program under msconfig, but it's not listed as such. I realize Task Manager is supposed to start with your computer, but I just want to get rid of the screen itself showing up at startup.

Thanks for any help!

Jeremy Collake

This is a strange thing you report. To answer your question:

1. There is no way Process Lasso would ever invoke the Windows task manager, or cause it to be invoked.

I don't suppose you hit Ctrl+Alt+Esc (the shortcut for the Windows Task Manger) by chance? Of course, that'd only be applicable if it happened once. I really am at a loss to explain this, because there must be something else at work on your PC.
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