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Process Lasso v3.18 released

Started by Jeremy Collake, October 17, 2008, 05:41:35 PM

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Jeremy Collake

This release adds an important new feature: the ability to limit the number of instances a program can have running per user session. Of course, this feature is only for users with a need for it, and by default no new action is taken. This release also makes important changes to ease translation by providing plain text files users can translate and submit. It further makes some usability and efficiency improvements.

v3.18 changes

  • Addition.Core: Added new functionality to limit the number of instances a process can have running per user session.
  • Fix.Core: Improved handling of cases where unexpected results come from the NT kernel, usually indicating a rootkit or other kernel-level hooking.
  • Fix.Core: Fixed improper handling of cases where syntactical errors were present in the default process priorities (they would attempt to be applied anyway, in contrast to the error shown).
  • Change.Core: Some memory optimizations.
  • Change.Core: Some minor CPU optimizations.
  • Change.Core: Improved efficiency of COM components calls.
  • Addition.GUI: Added config dialog for new feature to limit the number of instances a process can have per-session.
  • Addition.GUI: Added new log toggle for terminations due to instance limit.
  • Change.GUI: Make 'buy now' button initially not visible.
  • Change.GUI: Config dialogs no longer ask to save changes when close button hit if no changes were made.
  • Change.GUI: Made default button on the process list config dialogs the 'Add' button so you don't accidentally close the dialog by hitting enter.
  • Change.All: Changed compiler optimization settings.
  • Change.Defaults: ProBalance priority restorations (end of restraint) events are now logged by default.
  • Installer.Change: Upgraded to NSIS 2.40
  • [.1]Change.ProcessControl: Optimized loading of dynamic imports. Reduction in CPU use.
  • [.2]Change.GUI: Improved ProBalance configuration dialog behavior.
  • [.2]Change.Core: Fixed critical Windows 2000 error in cases where a large number of processes exist.
  • [.2]Change.Installer: Force Win2k users to manually close instances of Process Lasso during upgrade to avoid problematic older versions.

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