Bitsum Process Lasso raised my performance by 20-40 fps in populated areas

Started by francisgrimm, April 16, 2024, 12:13:03 AM

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I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but I just learned about it in a different thread. I thought I'd make a post about it, since it helped me a lot. Thanks r/Toxteth_RC for this suggestion.

This will probably only work if you're limited by your CPU.

TLDR: All I had to do was install the free version of the program, and have it run in the background. I got it at . Under the main tab at the top left, I'd recommend enabling performance mode as well. Can't remember if that was on by default.

My experience: Originally, with an RTX3080 and i9 10850k, I was only getting around 30-40 fps around cities on high settings with a lot of stuttering. This was after disabling traffic too. It was really frustrating because I had similar performance with a GTX1080 and i5 8600k before. MSI afterburner showed that one core on my CPU was at 100% utilization, while all others were around 20% or less. And dev mode in game told me I was limited by main thread.

After the install, I get 50-60 fps on ultra (w/ some slight tweaking), and with real time traffic on. This was in populated cities like New York and LA. Dev mode is back and forth between limited by main thread, and limited by gpu. In more open areas, I'm enjoying around 70 fps flying around, and I couldn't be happier :D. My utilization seems to be spread across more cores. While one core is still 100% - the others have gone up to around 30%-40%. I'm not sure if other systems will have the same results, since I had a lot of headroom. But I've seen it help a couple people so far.

Although, I ran into one issue while flying very close to buildings in downtown areas; I had some pretty big lag spikes. I fixed this by adding the process to the "ProBalance Exclusions" list in the program. Which is under Options>CPU>ProBalance Settings>Configure Exclusions All I did was add "flight sim" to the list, and it seemed to alleviate the issue. There is some documentation on how the process matching works. Clicking the question mark in the exclusions menu brings you to a webpage that explains the specifics behind it all.

EDIT: I think I may have done the excluded process thing wrong. Adding flightsimulator.exe is how you're supposed to do it properly. I think I was having issues because I had alt tabbed during testing anyways, and may not have clicked back over to the game to make it the focused window. So the exclusion may not be necessary. I'd recommend running the program "as is" after install first, and tweak settings if you end up having issues.

I'm honestly not to sure how any of it works. All I know is it has been working for me so far. I'd assume that it might have prioritized MSFS on that single core, while moving all other process to the others? But I might just be talking out of my ass here.

But I hope this can help others like it helped me! I'm curious what kind of performance jumps others may have as well.

Jeremy Collake

That's a great testimony! We are always happy to read success stories such as this. We work hard on Process Lasso, so it means a lot to us, and I'm sure others will appreciate the guidance. Thank you!
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