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Started by Tradewind25, October 21, 2008, 08:21:26 AM

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I have just installed Process Lasso v3.18.  So far I very impressed; it is taming a badly behaved process on on my PC just nicely (i.e. Kontiki's KService.exe, as used by BBC iPlayer).

I have seen several balloon notifications telling me that Process Lasso has taken action to reduce KService's priority, however I see NO entries in the Log pane of the Process Lasso GUI.  I see the yellow bars on the graph indicating process restraints, the log options are set to log everything, yet nothing is appearing in the Actions Log section of the GUI.

Does anybody have any idea why?
...or have I misunderstood the purpose of the "Actions Log"??


Jeremy Collake

This is usually caused by the GUI using a different log path than the core engine. Did you change anything in the initial install to their non-default values? Knowing that will help me determine exactly how this occurred.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

In my testing I've shown this can happen when running the governor as a service in the system context. I generally just don't recommend doing this for the time being. There is seldom a need to run it as a service, and I'm still working to reduce complications.

Using a global path over-ride for the log folder will fix the problem.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.