[Suggestion] Process Lasso marketing to AMD X3D owners

Started by Coldblackice, June 17, 2024, 03:53:46 PM

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There's an opportunity for Process Lasso to market to AMD X3D owners in particular in lieu of X3D's CCD scheduling juggling (one CCD with the extra CPU cache, the other without it), particularly to gamers.

I know you're surely already aware of this context/situation. I've just seen suggested again and again across tech forums, subreddits, comment sections, Discord servers, etc. that users utilize Process Lasso to better handle their X3D's core/CCD assigning instead of leaving it to Microsoft/Windows clunky "Game Bar" to do so, which decides what programs are games or not. Much better to not have to use the "Game Bar" at all, if possible.

While it's been great seeing the many suggestions for users to use PL for this, I've noticed a lot of users' confusion as to what to do + how to properly set up PL to do this. Not the fault of PL, of course, it's a technical subject that many can't be bothered to learn.

My suggestion would be to add some sort of in-PL function that more or less abstracts the process of X3D affinity/core/CCD assignment behind the curtain, e.g. some sort of "(X3D) Gamer" button that knows whether an X3D is in use (and with >1 CCD), offering the user a choice to have PL automatically optimize by doing the affinity/CCD assignment puppet-stringing -- without the user having to understand the underpinnings of it.

I feel this would be a boost for PL use/sales!

Obviously the ideal would be all users understanding the nitty-gritty fundamentals of this, but the reality is most can't be bothered to do so. I think PL could benefit by implementing a function and marketing to this group of users.

Especially with the coming release of AMD's 9000 series of X3D CPUs, which will be releasing a few months from now.

"button" or similar that basically

for users who don't have the knowledge to do so manually (nor interest to learn) -- I think this would be a boost for PL use/sales/recognition.

some tweaks of PL's main page to highlight

Jeremy Collake

I think it's a great suggestion, and this has been on the radar. We'll see what we can do ;).
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Jeremy Collake

Here's a start as of v14.2.0.1 beta. I understand your suggestion goes beyond this, and more work is planned.

(1) GUI: Demarcate cache centric CPU cores in context menus with an appendage (amd-x3d)
(1) GUI: Add 'Freq' and 'Cache' core selection buttons on the CPU affinity and sets dialogs (amd-x3d)

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Looks great! I actually was going to suggest re-labeling it to "CCD" (or adding it in parentheses at least) since that's what most of these users will see/know, but looks like you already changed it.

In this same vein, given many of these users I've been seeing aren't the most technically proficient, it might be beneficial labeling/nicknaming the CCD to something like "3D-cache" (rather than merely "cache") or "Gaming" CCD, etc.

Other ideas:

  • When PL detects an X3D, when that user runs a game (since anyone who gets an X3D is surely using it for games in part or whole, vs. an AMD X CPU), PL shows a popup asking the user if they want PL to optimize their X3D for that game/gaming
  • It could even become a new mode, "Gaming Mode", similar to "Performance Mode" -- even if it does the same as "Performance Mode" -- to cater to subset of users who won't be technically inclined enough to know or care to learn the distinctions.

    Likewise, a simple way of knowing which processes are games without having a list or doing API lookups is watching any child processes Steam.exe spawns
  • "Game Mode" could likewise:
    • (Optionally) Increase game priority
    • Disable core parking
    • Pop up a list of active CPU/RAM/disk-consuming processes which may impact the game's performance (if averaging X usage of Y resource)
    • Checkboxes beside each resource-eating process for quick-closing, excluding system procs obviously, though perhaps a tooltip detailing which system Service/Task it belongs to, leaving it to the user to investigate and take action on their own or not

Also, just for reference, even as I've been writing this response, I just saw yet another example of scenario I've seen again and again and again happening across tech forums/Discords/Reddit/IRC/etc. on this subject:

X3D Users + Process Lasso_6.22.2024.jpg

So there definitely exists a subset of user demographic who would benefit from this additional gamer ease-of-use functionality!