Process Lasso with X3D Questions

Started by therwer, July 09, 2024, 05:40:45 AM

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Does process lasso completely overwrite windows scheduling? I know it can if you set certain apps to run on certain cores, but if you leave it at default, will windows still schedule properly, or will process lasso make sure everything accesses all cores because all cores are checked off
I like process lasso, and I am a tweaker. But I don't fully understand this. I suppose I can just make everything run on the 2nd ccd that isn't a game, but I'm sure there is suppose to be more to it than that

Jeremy Collake

No, Process Lasso doesn't take over Windows scheduling. It simply applies settings (your rules) that the Windows scheduler abides by; in this case CPU affinities. For processes that you don't apply a CPU affinity to, Windows will schedule like it otherwise would have (all cores).

If you set all other processes to run on the 2nd CCD, then when they are actively using compute Windows will prefer to use the 1st CCD for your games simply because it's more free, even though you didn't set a CPU affinity for those games. However, many people opt to set a CPU affinity for their games too.

Does that answer your question?
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