New Google Ads - Please report any offensive, misleading, or inappropriate ads

Started by Jeremy Collake, March 05, 2012, 11:02:38 PM

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Jeremy Collake

As some have noticed, I've increased the number of Google Ads on this site. I've filtered out a lot of the scams I know of, and am trying to make sure they are all 'clean' advertisements. This helps Bitsum to offset expenses, allowing us to continue to so liberally license our software. However, PLEASE report if any user sees:

  • Misleading ad
  • Fraudulent ad
  • Offensive ad
  • etc..

Once reported, I will BLOCK that advertisement from appearing on ANY of our pages here at Bitsum. I felt the inclusion of Google Ads was not overly annoying, as they are everywhere anyway it seems, and picked Google because of my ability to selectively block all the scams out there.

If you generally oppose all ads, please also let me know. I'd like to hear your opinion, as always.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.