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Started by parkd1, March 26, 2012, 01:29:32 PM

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When I downloaded the the new version it showed that it was version but when I unzipped it and installed it, it was still I told it to do a update check and said their was an up so I had it do the auto update and the worked. Now have


There was a issue that was found with .64 , thats why the .66 came out few hrs after .!/2012/03/process-lasso-v51066-final.html

When you dl maybe you ended up with the backup version . That's all i can think , wait for Jeremy for official answer :)
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Jeremy Collake

Since the update process was 'on' while I was uploading the new build (which takes quite a while), you likely just that intermediate build. Everything seems good now.

As the OP said, anyone not sure about the version can simply do an automated (or manual) update and they'll get to .66.

An obscure piece of legacy code bit me in the butt with the first build, but at least the error was recognized in case it had other effects not so prominent.
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Jeremy Collake

I found the cause of the anomalies some people saw. The Support area was feeding out the old v5.1.0.64 build. These days, the public build is the same as that when you log in, so there's no reason to log in to get a new version. Regardless, an auto update (or normal update) will fix the issue.
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