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Started by richierein, March 27, 2012, 04:25:28 PM

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I am a guest process lasso user and inasmuch as I appreciate your desire to remain current with your software, I don't understand why the updates keep coming as often as they do.  It seems to me that there is a new update about once a week.  Why is it necessary to do this so often?


If you have the option 'Beta versions' checked, then you will receive notifications about the newest releases. Many versions are released frequently, so that the bugs can be rapidly caught, though.
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Quote[.66]Addition.Core: Process Watchdog terminations and restarts will now act in accordance with the process type (service or regular process), transparent to the user

What is the difference in how these are handled and why?

Jeremy Collake

Quote from: Hotrod on March 28, 2012, 02:52:58 AM
What is the difference in how these are handled and why?

Well, a service is like any other process, *EXCEPT* that it has a different control interface, and it controlled by the Service Control Manager.

Specifically, for a service, you don't just Terminate.. you first issue a STOP command to the service, then wait for it to STOP. However, a service can also be 'just terminated', though it's not proper (nor is any forced termination technically).

When starting a service (MOST IMPORTANT), a command is issue to the Service Control Manager to START that service. This is much different than simply launching a process.

So, a process restart is:

Terminate/Launch via Windows Process API

A service restart is:

Stop/Start via Service Control Manager

To the user it is transparent, but to the system, it is very important to do this right. Services can also be controlled even if they are set to run with different user credentials than the controlling program. This is because they are pre-configured, so the user session need only the rights to control the service to start it in a different user context.
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