Optimizations for virtual PCs (like Amiga Forever or VirtualXP)?

Started by gman68w, March 28, 2012, 01:47:43 PM

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For now, simply excluding the pertinent processes from restraint seems to be enough, but I wonder if further optimizations can't be made for emulators and virtual PC environments like WinUAE or VirtualXP. I mean, it's not exactly a "game", but it's not solely a "Multimedia Player" either (although strictly by definition these two examples do handle multiple forms of media).

Jeremy Collake

I am adding new classification types in v6, but for the time being I'd not recommend doing anything special. Most virtual machines self-optimize their thread priorities, and are quite careful with how they affect the Host machine, and client OSes as well. It's best to exclude them from restraint and make sure they are configured properly in most cases. VMWare, for instance, has an option to change the priority of a virtual machine not in the foreground to Below Normal (similar to what ProBalance would have done). Virtual Machine software that does not have such an option almost certainly does it by default, though it may do it on a thread level that is less visible than a process priority class change.
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